Sunday, February 14, 2016

Garden District

What I love about this area is that it is insanely gorgeous down to the smallest details. So many gorgeous details.

Kind of fell in love with this hous

Walking along the path...
The flora and fauna were amazing in New Orleans...

Oh the details...

Meaher State Park

Saturday, February 13, 2016

NASA: Stennis Space Center

So we were not planning on stopping here but when we saw NASA we couldn't resist so glad I came here. Did you know the USA has never lost a rocket do to engine failure? This is where they test the engines. So awesome...

My Husband taking photos of engine testing grounds
Here is the photo he was taking in the picture...
This place left such an impression on me. I bought a pin from the shop and the pin never leaves the jacket.

French Quarter

Oh my, French Quarter lived up to my imagination and then some...

I felt like I was living in color for the first time.

This was one of the first things I saw. Lobsters were a great sign of things to come. 
One thing you hear all about in the CA is the "Vibe." Never felt a more real vibe than here.

This is Bourbon Street, didn't really go here that much.
Magical at night

New Orleans Trip

So I joined my husband in the south for a commercial shoot and we stayed a couple extra days to enjoy an outing. I divided the photos into three sections because there were so many amazing spots.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holidays: Christmas in Sunny San Diego

I grew up in the County of San Diego. I loved it. It was beautiful and nothing beat the sunsets and starlight. I went back for Christmas this year. It rained over the holidays and the next day the weather was crisp as a freshly unpacked cracker. San Diego County is really not that far from Los Angeles, It makes a perfect weekend getaway. Temecula has wineries, Escondido has a huge and gorgeous brewery, Julian Pies - La Jolla, Gas Lamp, Pacific Beach...

Didn't have to do any enhancing on the color, for the photos. It was perfect.
Three favorite men on the planet. From Right to Left, Husband, Father, Brother
Everything looked like gold in that light
Puddle of water left in the rocks
Glorious sunset, I love those rays of light

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Film: Redneck Island Promo

So here is the Redneck Island Season 4 promo. It was a great film shoot. The team was super fun. It was cold to work in but awesome. Oh my lawd, cleaning up the hay from the grass was not fun. Here are a few photos from set. Hopefully you enjoy...

Our little island paradise

The light was perfect that day
The little surprise found in our room

Food: Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Today was just one of those days. Didn't feel like doing to much, so I'm not going to do too much. I am trying to eat healthier, so I will share my favorite oatmeal recipe.
The soft furry rug that keeps me from my duties

So my favorite oatmeal is with trader joe's toasted organic oatmeal, which I boil in water with a teaspoon of vanilla extract (I use 1/2 cup dried oats). While it is boiling, I put a teaspoon - ish of coconut oil in the serving bowl.

Then when the oatmeal is cooked I strain the oats and put in the bowl. Immediately, while the oats are hot I drizzle honey over the oats. The amount of honey should be based on how sweet you like you oatmeal, I usually use about a tablespoon.

Then viola! You are left with very creamy, tasty and healthy oatmeal. Bon App├ętit!

As for the accompanying beverages, some green tea and fresh pressed orange juice.