Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Local Travel: Redrock Canyon State Park

Winter in Southern California is peculiar. You see for all the folks who live here and the transplants that have lived here long enough, anything below 60 degrees might as well be subzero temperatures.

Half the time you end up cooped in your apartment wondering if is okay to watch that 3rd series on Netflix... after you have spent all morning binge watching series 1 and 2.

Cabin fever had set in and I was itching for adventure.

Not far away from the metropolis is California desert. During the winter these parts are actually cold and often scant on tourists and travelers. I thought for this reason a desert excursion might by very interesting.

I was inspired to take a look at Red Rock Canyon State Park from a video a friend had produced in this area. It also is only 1 hour and 45 min, so not a bad car ride.

I put on my explorer boots, some adventure duds, and my trusty hat, then off we went. 

Honestly, the hike was a little more required a little more effort than I thought but it was totally worth it. It was deserted, the temperature was perfect, by the time we got up the hill we were glad it was a cool. Best of all the landscape took your breath away, for a few hours I felt as though I was on some strange desolate planet. 

Suggested methods of travel
We went by Jeep

Suddenly we are on another planet...

We brought our own lunch. We didn't go to the park where you pay. 
Total cost of the trip: $40.00 in gas. 

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